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ATPL theory refresher

The most efficient preparation towards an ATPL theory assessment

Every airline pilot assessment includes questions about ATPL theoretical knowledge. Would you be able to explain a subject rather than just answering with A, B, C or D ?

The Ace Center ATPL theory refresher course allows candidates to review efficiently the most important subjects during an interactive class session with the possibility to ask questions and additional explanations. The course has been created by subject matter experts based on EASA learning objectives and customised to prepare candidates efficiently for their airline pilot interview.

What you can expect::

  • Topics:

    • aerodynamics

    • engines

    • instruments

    • performance

    • meteorology

    • PANS-OPS

  • Practical examples and exercises


  • 4 days interactive course

  • 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00

  • 500€ VAT incl. per person (minimum 5 persons)

Next session:

  • Date: 28/09/19 - 01/10/19 (4 days)