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Group assessment course

An effective group assessment preparation and a unique experience

Nowadays, companies use different recruitment methods to determine if you are suitable or not. One of the most difficult selections to prepare for is the group assessment: there is a lot of literature available, but there is no efficient way to practice… This has changed now !

ACE Center has created a unique course that enables you not only to learn the theoretical aspects, but also to apply and practice them in a real group assessment environment dealing with different scenarios. This course is not only for airline pilots selections. It is also a valuable preparation tool for any other civil or military group assessment selection such as for military pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers and even for non-aviation sectors.

This group assessment course is not just an efficient preparation… it is also a unique experience !

During three geo-diplomatic missions, you will discover and practice the fundamentals of group dynamics.

What you can expect:

  • Analysing a problem with others

  • Brainstorming

  • Exploring individual strengths and capabilities

  • Avoid group assessment traps 

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities

  • Task prioritisation

  • Different scenarios


  • 1/2 day group session including:

    • introduction and short lecture

    • 4 different scenarios

    • collective and individual debriefings

  • Minimum 3 candidates required

  • 250€ VAT incl.