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Jet Orientation Course

More than just a certificate

Most airlines nowadays require a JOC (Jet Orientation Course) for candidate ab-initio first officers. This training covers the transition from flying propeller airplanes to faster and more complex jet airplanes. JOC is not subject to any regulation, so you will find different programs at different prices.

It is not our ambition to offer the shortest and cheapest JOC. We aim to offer a high quality course that has an added value for your future assessment, type rating and even for your career as an airline pilot.


  • 1 day ground course (6h class lecture)

    • Jet vs Prop (aerodynamics, performance, operational, ...)

    • Introduction to B737NG systems and switches

    • Auto-pilot modes, use of MCP and FMA

    • Pitch&Thrust settings, raw data flying techniques

    • Review of flight profiles and call-outs

    • Use of QRH

    • Briefing techniques

    • Cockpit training poster included

  • 3 days simulator training (3x4h with buddy, 2x3h solo)

    • Day1: handling skills, air work, ILS approaches

    • Day2: IFR procedures, non-normals, QRH

    • Day3: use of automation and FMC, flight from A-to-B

Training objectives:

  • Develop jet operating competence in a realistic environment

  • Acquire manual flying skills on fast jets

  • Become familiar with standard jet flight profiles and call-outs

  • Prepare for a future airline simulator assessment


  • State-of-the-art certified level-2 FSTD (hours can be logged)

  • Instructors are experienced airline captains

  • Complete study material includes cockpit training poster

  • Airline assessment oriented program

  • Emphasises on handling skills

  • Professional briefings and debriefings

  • Social hours (no night shifts)

  • 3-4 consecutive days

  • Excellent price/value


  • At walking distance from Charleroi (EBCI) airport

  • Special deals with surrounding hotels and shuttles

Price: (21% VAT included) 

  • Binomes: 2300€ per person
    Solo: 2500€

  • Includes complete study material and JOC+ certificate

Next scheduled session:

  • On request