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Simulator Assessment

A simulator preparation that makes the difference

How are your handling skills, CRM and situational awareness compared to the other candidates?

There is no room for improvisation and only experienced airline pilots can prepare you efficiently for your simulator assessment. That's why our instructors are all experienced airline captains, preparing you in a high standard fixed base or full motion simulator (on request).

Formerly known as, we have extensive experience with simulator assessment preparations and we know perfectly what the companies are looking for and what the weak points are of most candidates.

You fly during the entire session with in the left seat an experienced instructor who coaches you realtime and demonstrates techniques as required. 

Every session is tailored to meet YOUR needs and expectations !

Check out our interview and group-assessment preparations as well.

What you can expect:

  • Briefing in a fully equipped classroom

  • Customised simulator session, YOU fly

  • Individual coaching by an experienced captain

  • Professional de-briefing

Prices: (incl. instructor)

  • Sim1: professional fix base FSTD, level-2 certified
    300€ per hour

  • Sim2: full motion (CAE)
    on request

Flexible planning: just contact us for a session

Based on many years of experience, we highly recommend 3h.

Our customers were hired by following companies: