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Customer Reviews

There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer

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Feedback from Viktor L. (interview and simulator coaching)

“ Good morning Mr Colin,

Yes, I had a good news, the feedback of the interviews was really great and I’ve been hired.
I start my type rating on the 15th April. I can’t wait !
Ace Center really help me a lot, for the HR interview, the tips that Mr Jadoul give us was really helpful… on every point.
The simulator was not easy, if you are not prepared. Ace Center did a really great job, and the day of the simulator, I was confident.
I did few mistakes, but the overall simulator was great.

Now, I just have to wait to start my type rating, and my dream job !
And Mr Colin, you are part of this, with your theoretical course of principle of flight, but also with Ace Center.

So, I just want to say a big thank you. ‘

Feedback from Alexander M. (simulator coaching)

“ Thanks Ace center for helping me to pass my Simulator assessment.
The training provided by Guibert was very helpful. ”

Feedback from V.B. (simulator coaching)

“As always, above and beyond expectations. Very knowledgeable instructors with great tips. Definitely worth the money. “

Feedback from M.D. (ATPL refresher)

“ ATPL Refresher Course is a full review , a reminder of what has already be seen, and going more in details; it's for sure useful for an airline interview. “

Feedback from Matthieu D. (interview coaching)

“ Dear Dimitri,

For my son Matthieu, the last assessment was the personal interview, which has been quite hard, but the individual interview coaching he did just before really helped him.

So he is hired! With Sun Express Turkey, on the B737 NG! Signing of the contract should come soon…

I really appreciated the quality of training and the organization of Ace Center. This is professional work!

Thanks and Regards, “

Feedback from S.P. (ATPL refresher)

“ Good refresher course which plunges us in all the ATPL subjects necessary for the interviews “

Feedback from Alexander M. (simulator coaching)

" The VENYO simulator was perfect. We encountered a technical issue but it was repaired very quickly. "

" A mandatory step before a simulator assessment, especially if you don't have any B737 NG experience.
Very friendly, professional and competent simulator coach. "

Feedback from Pa.To. (ATPL theory refresher)

“ Overall satisfaction: 5/5
Very nice and friendly coach. A perfect example of "never give up"! 3 days was a little bit short. 4-5 days would be better and more relax. “

Feedback from Edward VH. (ATPL theory refresher)

" The ACE center ATPL refresher course captures, from a different and more operational point of view, all the necessary items for pilots with upcoming interviews. A recommendation for every pilot looking for an ATP refresher but doesn't know where to start. Organisation is good. Even more important: teachers know what they're teaching/what they're talking about. "

Feedback from Julien D. (simulator coaching)

“ Very good instructor, a lot of useful tips. The learning curve i had with him was very good. Very good simulator. The visual is very nice. “

Feedback from Victor L. (interview coaching)

“The coach was really competent and qualified to do this Interview Coaching. 
He also knows the aviation world, so it was really interesting and I learned a lot of things about interviews that we didn't know as I've always only worked as a student. 
Personally, I really learned a lot of things on this day. “

Feedback from Charles DF. (simulator coaching)

“ The simulator was really great, the authentic cockpit of the B737 and at an affordable price.

The instructor was excellent, he covered the necessary topics during the briefing to really fly the aircraft without the assistance of the autopilot and autothrottle, he gave me tips that I never learned before that really helped me to understand the behaviour of the machine. “

Feedback from V.B. (interview coaching)

“ Step by step personalised coaching session. I learned firsthand from an experienced HR representative some valuable information that will definitely help me in the preparation phase for future interviews. “

Feedback from Pierre B. (interview coaching)

"I would totally recommend the coaching for any person going to a first interview. All the advices and tips were really useful, and the coach was competent and professional. As he had way more experience in recruitment as me, he was able to point out ideas, and other things I did not think about and that I can now improve.
Thank you !"

Feedback from Julien J. (interview coaching)

“For me everything was great ! Professional and very competent so nothing to say about it. The content was very good for me, it helps me to know what I have to work on. And of course i would recommend you to a friend or colleagues.”

Feedback from Alexis T. (interview coaching)

“Good slides and good coach comments and presentation, everything good and complete.

I would recommend it.”

Feedback from Lucas D. (simulator coaching)

“The Sim program was perfect in all aspect . The Sim session was very clear and well organized since the beginning no time waste all the topics were touched and learned.

I would like to say thank you very very much to Captain D.C. and is company for their professional support and preparation. Thanks to Acecenter I was able to step forward in my career, thank you guys !!!”

Feedback from Pierre B. (interview coaching)

"I would totally recommend the coaching for any person going to a first interview. All the advices and tips were really useful, and the coach was competent and professional. As he had way more experience in recruitment as me, he was able to point out ideas, and other things I did not think about and that I can now improve.
Thank you !"

Feedback from Brice R. (simulator coaching):

" The VENYO's simulator is amazingly realistic and perfect for a quick review or for an interview preparation.
The team of ACE Center is fully dedicated to the candidate to enhance the skills in a short time.

Thanks for the quick response and reactivity of the team. (Only 12 hours between the call and the simulator). "

Feedback from David F.

" I have the pleasure to announce that I passed the selection at ASL Belgium. I can start ASAP.

Thanks again. The simulator coaching session was, in my opinion, fundamental to the success of this simulator assessment. "

Feedback from David F. (simulator coaching):

Simulator: VENYO
Your overall satisfaction: * * * * *

" C'était parfait , j'ai eu exactement ce que j'attendais et meme plus "

Feedback from Cedric W. (interview coaching + simulated interview):

" I can definitely recommend the coaching and simulated interview at Acecenter to any recently graduated pilot looking for work but slightly unsure about what to expect and how to handle the interview. A professional coach and pilot will teach you everything you need to know so you will be prepared for the real thing. "

Feedback from Geoffray M. (simulator coaching):

" The simulator (VENYO) is absolutely stunning and extremely realistic.
Very good pre-briefing and de-briefing. Many useful information provided for a simulator assessment preparation. Very professional and experienced instructor.
Fantastic job and fabulous simulator! The best way to prepare yourself for a airline assessment on the Boeing 737! "

Feedback from Arnaud L. (simulator coaching):

"Very effective training program, CRM briefing was well explained."

"The instructor was very competent. He was calm and gave comment which was straight to the point and effective !"

"I’m very happy with the quality of instruction given by ACE Center. I couldn’t hope for a better preparation before an assessment !"

Feedback from W.D. (Interview and simulator coaching):

" I already took the interview workshop some weeks ago, which I was also really happy about. So I booked a sim session here as well"

" After being invited by Ryanair for an assessment, I contacted ACE Center to do a sim refresher at Brussels Flight Simulators. The instructor was a very experienced and professional pilot. After a 1 hour briefing, we got into the simulator and went over every part of the assessment I would have. This prepared me in the best way possible. I can now happily say I've been offered a job at Ryanair, and would like to thank ACE Center for helping me achieve this. Would definitely recommend this to anyone "

Feedback from Damien LB (simulator coaching):

Overall satisfaction: 5/5

"...Instructor was excellent. Took time to ask questions at the beginning and adapted his briefing to my difficulties. Stopped the sim sometimes to explain important points..."

Feedback from Amin K. (simulator coaching):

"The quality and knowledge of the instructors are of no doubt there. We can feel the high skills of the pilots and the good guidance they provide."

"Good tips provided, good briefing on what to expect and behaviour of the simulator.
Debriefing pointing the weaker points, with what to improve"

"Professional captains, real pilots with experience on the aircraft, with passion to teach and pushing you to give your best on interview with a stronger self confidence to achieve your goals.
Fast contact and good flexibility of the team for the candidates to have a faster simulator session on last minute interview.
The team is also looking to give you all the information from their personal network to prepare you best on the questions you may have and tricks that you do not know about for the different specific compagnies.
Great experience.
Thank you."

Feedback from Luc B. (simulator coaching):

"Excellent instructor, very patient and a first class listening ear and I can tell because I have been flying for 20 years now so I guess I can see and judge when I am dealing with a top class instructor or not and D. is certainly belonging to the first category"

"excellent brief and debrief to the point and very concise with all the highlights (plus or minus ) I needed"

"Keep up the good work, a top of the notch valuable tool for a pre-interview training !"

"Thanks again for the training session, I enjoyed it very much"

Feedback from Mathieu L. (simulator coaching):

" Great Sim (VENYO), great instructor ! The few negative points can't reduce the overall quality of the session. Recommended ! "

Feedback from Martin B. (simulator coaching):

"Overall a very good simulator preparation. The instructor was very professional, challenging but still helpful and the simulator (VENYO) was top notch. I totally recommend this sim assessment preparation.

Feedback from Paul G. (simulator coaching):

" Guibert is a really good instructor with strong communication skills, strong teaching skills to refresh your basics in the sim.He takes the time to explain every situation. He gave me very useful tips to improve my scanflow. I strongly recommend this sim preparation on the Venyo simulator to prepare an assessment "

Feedback from Jérome C. (individual interview coaching):

" The coach has been a good source of motivation to prepare me to an assessment in one of Europe's large airline. After the 4 hours of coaching I felt confident in my own potential to reach success a few days later. Now I am waiting for a start date to fly the Airbus A320 all around Europe. I would strongly recommend any young pilot to perform one of these sessions. "

Feedback from Charlotte D. (simulator coaching):

" It was surprising how much about the knowledge I forgot from during my MCC. The simulator session helped me a lot to bring the knowledge back. The instructor had a lot of patient and gave me time to get used to the aircraft type. It was amusing to see my development during the session. The instructor gave a very good debriefing. "

Feedback from Charlotte D. (simulated interview):

" I got some very interesting tips about body language which I didn't know. Now I have created another vision on how I need to answer questions during an interview. "

Feedback from Charlotte D. (interview coaching):

" I really liked the session with the coach. He was very helpful and I learned a lot. Except the vision about the introduction of an interview that needs to be reviewed. There was a different opinion during the simulated interview. For the rest I have no suggestions. Many thanks to the coach who invited me to his home. I wish I did this training earlier. "

Feedback from Lionel L. (individual interview coaching):

" Helpful session given by a very professional man. I recommend it if you don't feel confortable with the idea of going through an assessment. "

Feedback from Sébastien N. (simulator coaching):

" A pleasure to learn technics and improvement tips from Cpt. Colin. Very satisfied! "

Feedback from Douglas R. (simulator coaching):

" It was a great session of simulator wich helps us to get back on track when we have spent several months without flying, to catch back good reflexes that we can loose with time. 

The coaching of mister Colin was really good, he is very dedicated to help us to improve and to show us how to make things better ! 

I am really happy and satisfied with the session and I would recommend it to everyone before an assessment. "

Feedback from K.V. (simulator coaching):

" Learned a lot ! Instructor with good communication skills and good background to share. To be recommended ! "

Feedback from Tomy S. (interview course + simulated interview):

" The simulated interview was very professional and felt real. The debriefing was very precise and helpful. I recommend it. "

Feedback from Michael G. (interview preparation):

Simulation: " Great professionalism of the assessors, good feedback "

Feedback from D.R. (interview course + simulated interview):

1) Course: " Very professional , I recommend it to everyone that will pass an interview. "

2) Simulation: " Very professional , the interview is very realistic and the debriefing is very complete , it really helps us to see our weaknesses and to improve them , it was a great experience ! "

Feedback from Martin B. (interview course + simulated interview):

" Very competent and professional instructor providing precious infos and who does not hesitate to give his personal tricks and tips to ensure you a successful interview. "

Feedback from Armand D. (interview course + simulated interview):

1) Course: " The price is a bit high but on the overall I'm satisfied. "

2) Simulation: " Really helpful. I highly recommend to any pilot who doesn't have experience in assessment "

Feedback from Sebastien N. (interview course + simulated interview):

1) Course: " Really nice to have experienced pilot to teach us about interviews. May be more on the type of technical questions we may be asked wouldn't be bad. "

2) Simulation: " Very interesting interview coaching, many points are checked, really useful, thanks! "

Feedback from K.V. (interview coaching and simulated interview):

1) Course: "Learned a lot ! Instructor with good communication skills and good background to share !"

2) Simulation: "I have learned a lot about myself and the first impression people can have about me at first, which is of course the main point of an interview. Many things to improve, working on it. Thanks for that "

Feedback from Nicolas P. (simulator coaching):

" Thank you very much for the refreshment, it was very useful. The instructor was very comprehensive and professional, always caring about the needs of the student and adapting to the requirements. Definitely to recommend ! "

Feedback from Bertrand J. (simulator coaching):

" The preparation for my simulator screening was perfect. I prepared myself with Pilot Assessment on the B737 NG and my screening was on B737 Classic. Instruments are different, reactions of the aircraft too, but with a little research on the Classic and the good advices of the pilot Assessment’s Instructor, I did it very well. They are professional and they know what they are talking about.
I was comfortable, well prepared for my screening and I succeeded. I kindly recommend Ace Center. "

Feedback from Pierre R. (simulator coaching):

" Fantastic preparation and amazing flexibility. Received the interview confirmation on Tuesday, contacted pilot-assessment the same day and got briefing on Friday, sim on Saturday. Interview next monday and positive answer on Tuesday! Thanks to Ace Center for the good preparation :-) "

Feedback from Gilles L. (individual interview coaching):

" Après plusieurs expériences, que ce soit le simulateur ou le coaching, l'instructeur et le matériel étaient parfait ! Le délai et la disponibilité étaient exemplaire. Merci à toute l'équipe pour l'aide apportée ! Je recommande ce service de professionnels à tous les pilotes ! "

Feedback from T.S. (simulator coaching):

“Excellent training and service! Pilot-Assessment scheduled me on a short notice, and helped me with a lot of useful tips for my assessment. I would recommend Ace Center to anyone!”

Feedback from Pieter A. (simulator coaching):

" A very valuable experience! PA managed to plan a slot at CAE on short notice. Highly professional and dedicated support of the whole team, even long after the actual sim session. The briefing and instruction were adapted according the situation, with a complete written debriefing and very useful tips afterwards. A true help in preparation for a simulator assessment! "

Feedback from Geoffrey D. (simulator coaching):

" Very friendly and professional service. They managed to book me in on a very short notice and still delivered a very good professional assessment preparation. It was a very interesting experience and I was fully prepared for the assessment. The only small downside is the simulator which is not 100% realistic and it takes a bit of time to get used to it, but it was as my instructor said, if you can fly this sim you can certainly fly the real deal (which was proven during my assessment). "

Feedback from Wim V.H. (simulator coaching):

" Excellent training and service! "

Feedback from Quentin L. (simulated interview):

" Great simulation. A bit more time between the course and the interview would be good to have time to be more prepared. "

Feedback from Julien G. (simulator coaching):

" Very good session. They cover every type of exercises that you can have during your assessment. As they are experienced pilots , they give useful tips. It s the best way to feel ready for a sim assessment. I really recommend this course !! "

Feedback from Maxime S. (simulator coaching):

" I would like to thank Capt. Colin for his commitment. I really feel that our success is the priority of all the team. For once, it is not only the final invoice that matters. You really feel supported. 
You are free to ask any questions you want at any time before the interview without being charged. 
Capt. Winandy was very good as instructor and gave me some really good advises and some "tricks" for the interview.
I'm more than satisfied. Thank you for everything and I recommend Ace Center ! "

Feedback from Corentin D. (simulator coaching):

" Happy with the session, a bit expensive but good coaching and probably the best refresher before an assessment. "

Feedback from Julien G. (interview coaching):

Very good content ! Very friendly moment during meal where you can still ask your questions and speak about everything with the instructor . 
However the classroom was a little bit too cold for me . Otherwise I recommend this course !

Feedback from Quentin L. (CV & Letter review):

Great final result !

Feedback from Sebastien A. (simulator coaching)

" First I did some sessions at European Flight Simulator which is a great sim for the scanning, the call-outs and everything...
Then I did a session on a full flight simulator with Guibert and I recommend it without hesitation. He answered all my questions and prepared me the way I wanted and especially he gave me more self confidence. I did the FFS session especially for its realistic handling with one engine.

I passed the sim assessment thanks to this training. You only have few interviews and they will help you to get through them ! "

Feedback from Sebastien A. (simulated interview):

" This simulated interview helps you to be well prepared for THE date due to the realism and especially, you will see the points of attention you need to focus on.
They give you a really great debriefing and give you some tips.
Due to this experience, you are more confident about your knowledge and also about the answers you give to the HR questions. The environment is really great for the simulated interview: I was stressed like during a real assesment and I was speaking really to fast... Thank you for this really great help! 

I definitely recommend it to everybody before an assessment. "

Feedback from Jean-François DB (simulator preparation):

" Before an assessment, I had the chance to fall on the advertising of Even though I was a bit reluctant to trust aviation-related businesses, I contacted them and requested a simulator assessment preparation. I was very surprised to find out they actually wanted me to get the job. I can not describe the passion they put in to help me preparing the assessment. They gave me a lot of tip and tricks, which made me feel more comfortable during the interview, and in addition to that, they even helped me with important choices and finances management. 
This new company is a small structure and it's a relief not being a 'number' as in other big schools. It has still a reputation to build up, and they are 100% focus on it. I would advise any future pilot to take this as an opportunity and meet them, it will be worth your time and money. "

Feedback from Antoine P. (simulator coaching):

" Great sim preparation, informations given by the instructor were more than useful. I would definitely recommend it! "

Feedback from Gilles L. (AVRO simulator):

" First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your professionalism. 
The instructors that I met were very helpful with their experience and their teaching processes. 
The simulator (CAE) had an issue during the process. Of course it could happen, but the way that you recovered it was professional. 
As a cockpit crew, when somebody has difficulties, you will respond present to help him as much as you can with a very quick answer.

If I will need you in the futur, I won't hesitate to contact you again.
Thank you Ace Center ! "

Feedback from Pierre R. (AVRO simulator):

" The sim preparation was really instructive, especially when it is the first time you get in a FFS. The price was really high due to the Avro sim (CAE) and not really the fault of pilot-assessment. I would have expected a debrief a little bit deeper. "

Feedback from Pierre R. (simulated interview):

" The simulated interview was a really good experience and preparation. I didn't expect some of the questions, especially HR and the debrief was really instructive. Just a small suggestion : the technical questions were too much focused on principles of flight, some AGK / PERFO / airlaw questions would be a plus in my own opinion. Anyway, thanks for your professionalism. "

Feedback from Niels G. (interview course + simulated interview):

" I can describe the Interview simulation as very realistic in a professional way. This definitely gave me more than enough confidence to successfully pass the real interview in my current airline. The simulation prepares you very well on all different areas. 
As a fresh airline pilot, I can surely recommend Ace Center to any person still looking for the dream job, it helped me to get the job without any doubt. "

Feedback from Maxime R. (interview coaching + simulated interview):

" I was very glad we could organize the session on such a short term ! It really helped/helps me to correct my attitude at the interviews. I was impressed by the quality of the comments and the professionalism of my coaches. "

Feedback from Cécile S. (interview coaching):

" Very interesting coaching session, very useful tips.
Totally worth it. "

Feedback from Bart VC (full package):

It was a good sim session, as I was not used to fly a jet engine simulator.
It made me more relaxed on the actual assessment, which was the point of doing the preparation in the first place. The actual assessment I got was very easy, but I was relaxed handling the aircraft which was thanks to the preparation I had don with

Interview coaching:
Very valuable with the view of an upcoming interview.

Simulated interview:
Very realistic interview, worth doing !
Took my stress away on the actual interview, which made me more comfortable and relaxed.

Feedback from Thomas M:

" Je commence lundi chez Air Baltic sur 737 le Conversion course et je commence à voler début Janvier. 

Encore merci pour l'aide que tu m'as apporté pendant le training ainsi qu'avec le process du pilot assessment. "

Feedback from Mathieu D.B. (simulated interview): 

" It was a really valuable and interesting experience to prepare and to make a point about how ready I was.
Finally it helped me to succeed my first real interview and get a job at Ryanair. "

Feedback from Samuel C. (simulator coaching):

" I took a first sim session at EFS but I wasn't satisfied with the simulator. After that, I took another sim session with at CAE (full flight sim). I was really satisfied with the simulator. The instructor was very professional and I have learnt a lot from this training. "

Feedback from Maxime MH (simulator coaching):

" I want to thank Ace Center !
I have been contacted by RYR 10 days before my interview ... Pilot assessment immediately arranged a session for me.
I have been trained by Dimitri, which is a really good instructor, who wants the best for you.
I learned a lot of small practical details to show on the assessment.
Being trained by pilot-assessment removed a big part of the stress before going to the interview. "

Feedback from Frederik AL:

" I'm happy to say I have been hired by two airlines : Ryanair and Jetairfly Belgium (summer contractor). Your course was a big help in this success - especially the interview report you gave me, which I consulted before every interview. "

Feedback from Clément B. (simulated interview):

" The simulated interview helped me to realise where my weaknesses were and especially to be more self confident. 
I have received priceless advice which made the difference on the "D" day. 
Today I'm happy to say that I passed my two interviews and I have a Type rating date planned. 
For that reason I recommend to you all to do the simulated interview with Ace Center. "

Feedback from Baptiste S. (simulator coaching):

Nice session and correct price for value.
Just one remark : doc about sim received the day of the sim.

Feedback from Maxim A. (simulator coaching + interview coaching):

"The simulator assessment preparation gives one of the best training before going to a simulator assessment. That permits you to be in advance during the simulator and like this you have more mental ressource when the assessor asks you something. I highly recommend it !"

Feedback from Jan K. (CV&Letter review):

"I am safisfied with the final outcome and time required for delivery. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."

Feedback from Mathieu DB (simulated interview):

"A longer debriefing would be my suggestion. Anyway it was a really good experience for me! thank you !"

Feedback from Johnny S. (simulated interview):

"This was a good opportunity to let me know exactly my level and what I need to improve before an eventual interview."

Feedback from Lewis D. (interview course + simulated interview):

Powerpoint overlapped aspects I learnt at XXX, needs an update on the part about CV structure.

Group assessment was valuable.

Instructors were very professional, especially during the simulated interview. They put me on the spot on both Technical and HR aspects which made me realise I had some learning to do before my actual interview. 

Sheet with questions handed out was helpful and I used it for my actual interview with Ryanair. Also, during the simulated interview I was commented on my body language. I corrected this and it has helped me on actual interviews since.

Conclusion: you will feel more confident when you go for an actual interview.

Feedback from Vicente S. (simulator coaching):

" I am very happy with the session, it has been really useful. I hopefully will have good news to report shortly. "

Feedback from Fabien B. (simulated interview):

" I attended the simulated interview course on the 2nd of July, and was impressed by how realistic and professional everything was carried out. I was preparing for an interview to fly for one of the major European Airlines, and this simulated interview along with its personal debriefing was a real key for the interview preparation, which really helped me to achieve my dream of becoming an airline pilot. I got hired by this Airline, and cannot thank Ace Center enough for the quality of the course they provided. "

Feedback from Maxime S. (CV & Letter redaction):

"Really good service for correct price. I have a brand new CV and cover letter ready for application.
The team stay in touch with you to know how everything goes for you. First time in aviation ...
I support at 100pct Ace Center ! And I recommend it."

Feedback from Loïc C. (simulated interview):

" Thank you for this great simulation, it has been an important step to reach the goal of succeeding the real interview! "

Feedback from Loïc C. (individual interview coaching):

A really nice day with adapted content (for Norwegian in our case). Really nice to be with somebody that have worked for them. 

I would push a bit more in the content, get more theoretical concept on interview technique, more concrete exemples, may be with short videos on the "to do"/"not to do".

Feedback from Fredrik AL (simulated interview):

" Just like real deal! Maybe even more challenging, which is all the better! "

Feedback from Fredrik AL (interview coaching):

" Great interview preparation, a lot of the tips given during the group session were relevant for the simulated interview. 
The group excersises also seemed realistic however it would be nice to have some feedback regarding your performance on paper - like for the simulated interview. "

Feedback from Michael D.K. (simulator coaching):

"I was very satisfied about the complete simulator training..."

"The pre flight briefing was very descent and was focused on the Basic flying, although we saw this in our ACPP course (MCC + JOC), this was more then 5 months ago. I personally felt that I was losing some skills, and the idea of the importance of flying attitude and thrust."

"Something what I also found very nice is that the course was very flexible, we focused on what I would most probably get in the simulator evaluation."

Feedback from Michael D.K. (simulated interview):

"The interview simulation was very professionally done, there were no interruptions while we were doing the interview, feedback was given after the interview."

"I know I succeeded the interview at Brussels Airlines as I was able to continue the rest of the selections. This was my first interview that I did for a real company and therefore there was a lot of stress to do this, but the best way to relieve this stress is to prepare in advance."

"I keep on advising other people that you cannot prepare any better for an interview than simulating a real interview, with the suggestion to do it at Ace Center"

Feedback from Michael D.K. (interview course):

"I was very impressed by the course, I have already recommended this course to lots of friends..."

"You have made sure that someone was attending the course that was experienced in the selections Brussels Airlines and Norwegian. The fact that this is done proves that there is a very impressive costumer service..."

"There were plenty of slides that gave very useful information, I was actually reading the slides again while I was waiting to do my interview at the B-house..."

Feedback from Olivier V.R. (simulated interview)

"A really valuable training which made me much more relaxed for a real interview.
This simulation learned me more about the verbal and non verbal signs i unconsciously give to the assessors making me more prepared then I ever could be without it."

Feedback from Thomas M. (interview course):

"Very happy of the training. We can share with other students. The instructor was very open, we could talk about lot's of things about interview and he could answer everything.Very professional."

Feedback from Kevin W. (simulated interview):

" More than satisfied. Nothing else to mention. Excellent debrief. "

Feedback from Nicolas F. (simulated interview):

" Very realistic simulation with a precise and personal debriefing. Makes you way more comfortable to go to an interview. Thank you to the team for the quality service provided ! "

Feedback from Rémy G. (interview course):

" The best way to get prepared for an interview, very good tips by a professional instructor. It is perfect to lower the pressure and the stress prior an interview. I am now fully confortable and confident and I know exactly how to behave to get the dream job. It's really worth it! "

Feedback from Kevin W. (CV & Letter review):

"The new layout that has been applied to the CV and Cover Letter is really nice. It is structured, easy to read and gets to the point."

Feedback from Kevin W. (interview course)

"The Ace Center Team does already a nice job and I hope they keep up the good work! Nothing else to mention, it's worth it."

Feedback from David R. (simulated interview):

"Good simulation with correct debriefing and points to work."

Feedback from Nicolas F. (interview course):

"Great service, very interesting and give confidence in the redaction of the CV and cover letter. Important details about the interview not usually known. Professional team."

Feedback from Kris V. (simulator coaching):

"I was very pleased with the professionalism of the instructors. Every aspect was explained and trained properly. I definitely recommend these kind of trainings to anyone applying for a future pilot job."

Feedback from David G. (CV+Letter review):

"Complete review of my CV and cover letter, very clear and clean now. Thanks for the work."

Feedback from Christophe M. (CV+Letter review)

Price vs value: Not expensive at all
Overall satisfaction: More than satisfied
Would you recommend this service to others ? Absolutely
Your feedback, comments and suggestions: 
Very good service and feedback, thank you for your good advices.

Feedback from Charles-A DR (individual coaching):

" I got a really good contact with the Captain in charge of the course. It is a very nice environment. The lunch was unexpected, really good "

Feedback from Raphael T. (sim preparation):

"Good professional comments & feedback. Interresting debrief and highlights on "bad" habits. I will recommend your services without any problems. Thanks."

Feedback from David R. (interview course):

"J'ai vraimment apprécié le cours, donc pas de suggestions à faire ;-)"

Feedback from François E. (personal coaching + sim):

"Merci! Je suis très satisfait. Les cours ont été faits sur mesure avec des infos pertinentes concernant les sélections EMIRATES.
J'ai bien noté qu'il y avait eu une recherche de votre part de ce point de vue là.
Je suis également très satisfait par la séance de simulateur et j'ai apprécié d'avoir aussi votre avis et votre debriefing"

Feedback from Ono S. (simulator coaching):

Hello Guys,

I really recommended to be prepared for your Airline Pilot Interview!! 

As soon as you are called, you only have one chance to prove what you can do! So don't fail it guys! ;-)